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Main Benefits

Experienced Team

For more than 40 years, Christina has been the preeminent sponsor of direct real estate investments in the Westside Region of Los Angeles, executing an investment strategy focused on wealth preservation and capital appreciation achieved by active, hands on asset management.

Wealth Preservation

Direct ownership of income-producing real estate is a tangible asset that protects you against inflation. This asset class is one of the better time-tested investments for generational wealth.


Due to limited supply, the demand for real estate increases as the population increases. This demand intensifies in highly desirable geographical locations with high density, strong demographics and great weather.

Portfolio Diversification

Add professionally managed investment grade real estate to your existing portfolio of cash, bonds and equities to minimize market risk.

Tax Advantages

The United States Government rewards investors with tax incentives to own real estate, including significant non-cash tax deductions which include depreciation and amortization. Interest expense is deductible from operating income, and gains from dispositions are taxed at lower rates.


Location, Location, Location

Christina invests primarily in the Westside region of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Malibu, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Westwood, and Venice/Silicon Beach), widely regarded as one of the most stable and highest performing real estate markets in the world.


Christina sources mispriced acquisition opportunities (e.g., off-market deals due to distress, liquidity events or special event-driven situations). If it’s not worth more on the day we bought it, it’s not worth buying.

Value Add

Prior to acquisition, Christina adheres to a stringent underwriting process and completes a detailed asset level business plan, identifying significant value-add strategies. Christina employs an in-house property management team to execute on each asset-level business plan.

Multiple Exit Alternatives

We evaluate disposition opportunities on a case by case basis. Given the tax advantages of owning commercial real estate and the difficulty in sourcing and acquiring the long held, multi-generational assets that we buy, there has to be a truly compelling offer which allows us to exceed our investment objectives.